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Notice anything strange?

How about the lack of previous posts? Or perhaps the lack of pages?

I miss them already.


See, I’m working on a few secret projects right now, and one of them required a new domain (not technically for me) and web hosting, so I bit the bullet and set up a hosting package for it. It occurred to me that having unlimited bandwidth on my site wouldn’t be such a bad thing, since I was running out every month. (As an aside, where is it all going? Who is reading this? Why don’t you talk to me?!)

This morning, I decided to try to upload the backup I had of all my databases and files. The files made it over okay, but somewhere in cyberspace, my databases fell apart. I tried uploading them manually, but they were too big. I tried splitting them and uploading them separately, but they broke. I tried all the things I knew how to do – granted, I’m not exactly the most advanced person to try these things – and nothing worked.

I’m mostly at peace with my new space now. It gives me a chance to start over and clean things up, and gives me a fresh start. I have a copy of the backup in case I ever figure out what I can do with it, but I might just let it go. It’s nice having a clean start.

I’ll likely be writing a new life list, since mine is buried in my backup. I’m sure many of my priorities have changed since I wrote the last one, anyway.

It’s a bit weird writing here now. It echoes a bit. I don’t think I mind as much as I thought I would.

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