Our cat Lilo is pretty funny. She acts mean, but she’s a softie. In fact, most of the time, if she and Stitch (our other cat) are playing, she’s the one who instigated it! It’s moments like these that really warm my heart though – she had no idea I’d wander in and see them cuddling. All together now: Awwwwwwwww. And now on to some fun links!

I’m a total pushover sometimes, but I loved this article from Lifehacker about How to Say No (Without Being an Asshole).

I may have quit playing World of Warcraft for now, and I may be focusing less on trying to lose weight than I was before, but I can always appreciate a good comparison between real life and an RPG. Bonus points for the focus on baby steps – killing a couple of (figurative) rats never seems too difficult!

As someone who doesn’t have tons of friends, I value the ones that I have more than they probably even realize. I completely agree with this article about the value of female friendship – no matter how happy I am in my relationship, there are some things that require a female friend.

I love cupcakes. I think someone should make me some of these gorgeous colourful cupcakes. I’d be forever grateful!

I often find myself looking at other women and how put together they seem, and wonder how they do it. It turns out, I’m not the only one!

Just a reminder to myself, as well as to all the other awesome women out there: You are Lovable at Any Size.

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