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I saw a man in a top hat on the bus this week, and it made my day. No, it made my week. I couldn’t believe it! After all the complaining I have about the way people dress these days (more on this later, I promise) and with all the people I see in sweatpants and baseball caps, it was so nice to see someone wearing an actual article of clothing. Every time I started feeling anxious, I thought about the top hat! It’s a good way to start the week.

Here are a few other things that I loved this week:

Well-Dressed Men – this article showed up just a day after seeing Mr. Top Hat (mentioned above) and I was so excited. It’s nice to see men who are put-together and fashionable. Is there anything more attractive? Maybe not…

6 Simple Yoga Stretches for Daily De-Stressing – I did just three of these and immediately felt tired, like the tension had rapidly exited my body. Amazing!

On Being a Plus-Size Girl in a Skinny Girl World made me smile. I often see girls (sometimes even bigger than myself) who carry themselves with such confidence that I wonder what their secret is. Clearly, they just learned how to love themselves. It shows!

The Most Useful Grammar Post Ever. How handy is this? I’m in a business communication class right now and spend more time thinking about grammar and things than I probably will ever need to again, but it’s nice to have a handy reference.

Jen from My Smiling Heart says ENOUGH. I’m inclined to agree.

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