So, my computer’s been on the fritz lately. Yesterday, it randomly shut down during a virus scan (I guess it was tired?) and wouldn’t let my WordPress dashboard open properly. It was all garbled text and impossible to use. It was disappointing, since I’ve made a point to write every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since I got the site back up and running. That said, I can’t really blame myself if my computer goes nuts, right?

This isn’t the worst of it, though. See the error message above? I’ve sadly seen that screen more times than I would like to. My computer actually started acting crazy two weeks ago, when it stopped opening Google Chrome. It’s not that it would give me an error, or do something funny when I tried to open it. It just wouldn’t open. I’d see the process in the task manager for all of thirty seconds, and it would disappear. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it – six times. I tried repairing it. I tried installing it OVER TOP of the current installation. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it in safe mode so I could delete things that maybe it didn’t want me to delete.

It just wouldn’t cooperate.

Then, it wouldn’t start up properly. No idea why it decided to start that on me, but I was getting a cycle of blue screens and restarts, until I ran the startup repair. (The screen above is the startup repair, in case your computer is too nice to let you ever see it.) It’s working for the most part now, which is nice, but I’m using Safari (not my first choice of browsers, but when Firefox and Chrome are refusing to work, this is better than IE for sure) and every so often video freezes when I’m watching something in VLC.

It’s always something, isn’t it?

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  1. I decided to do some Googling about your Chrome problem and the only solution I could find is that they think that antivirus programs block it (for whatever reason). Is that something you looked into at all?

    • Yup. I completely uninstalled my antivirus program, installed a different one (after testing), tested again, uninstalled that one, and went back to my original one since nothing changed. (What’s terrible is part of the reason my computer started crashing after all of this is that it didn’t want to completely uninstall the middle antivirus program, and kept trying to reinstall it every time I started the computer up.) Yes, I’m aware that it sounds like my computer is possessed. I haven’t ruled it out yet. 😉

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