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It’s official – I’ve caught Mark’s cold. It’s all the same right now, since I’m pretty much stuck at home because of the transit strike, but I hate being sick anyway. All the sneezing and coughing and sinus headaches and inability to sleep – it’s awful!

I sometimes feel a bit like the little sneezing panda. See, Lilo likes to follow me around when she’s concerned by me, and lately she’s been sleeping at the top of my head when I’m curled up in bed. Whenever I sneeze, though, she jumps so quickly that you’d think someone poked her! It’s super cute.

One unfortunate thing that has come of this cold is the fact that when Mark was still sick, he took all of the pill-form cold medicine. Sadly, this means that we only have Neocitran in the apartment. If you’ve never had it (or heard of it), it’s basically a hot lemon-flavoured cold medicine. I now have mixed thoughts on it, because I’ve finally been sick enough to suck it up and finish my first two mugs of it. (Not at once, obviously.)

It tastes more bitter than just about anything I’ve ever tasted. I think at one point in my sleepy haze I mentioned to Mark that he finally got me to drink a “mug of the poisony lemon tasting stuff”. (Yes, I’m intelligent when I’m half-asleep and sick!) Taste aside, though – this stuff works. Within a half hour of finishing my mug, I was fast asleep. So I guess I’ll suck it up until I can sleep on my own again without waking myself up sneezing!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! I’ve never had Neocitran but it’s good to know that it works for those times when I feel like I can’t find anything to cure me 🙂

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