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Can someone book me a spot in that chair, right there? I don’t need long. Maybe a week or so? I’d love to get away from here for a bit and just breathe in the salt air – and relax.

For now, though, most of my relaxing comes from reading blogs! Here are some of my favourites for the week.

Last week, Caity linked a fantastic-sounding recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup. I definitely have to try it – one of my favourite foods growing up was stuffed peppers! Of course, I also loved stuffed cabbage (or Gołąbki, to my Polish family) so maybe I just love stuffed foods. Yum!

My Friends Are All Married With Kids. Will They Adandon Me? is another fantastic gem from Yes and Yes! Sometimes I feel as though I’m living in the in-between ages. I’m too old to be partying with the teenagers, but I don’t want to settle down and have kids and be totally domestic, either. This article showed me that I’m totally not alone in this!

How To Love Yourself In 17 Ways is yet another article about self-love, but in the dead of winter, we could all use a boost, am I right? I know sometimes I take myself for granted, and this is a good thing to look at when I’m feeling especially low.

Speaking of winter, how about this Winter Wellness Guide? Mark seems to realize some of these intuitively, having followed me around for the past couple weeks offering to light candles for “mood lighting” while I try to relax and stop stressing about one thing or the other.

On that note, tell me: how do you take extra care of yourself in the winter?

2 comments on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Wow, that is so funny – I’m actually making that soup again tonight! I’m glad it looked good and I hope that you enjoy it when you make it. Let me know how you like it! It’s definitely one of my favourite meals now.

    I love Yes and Yes now. I subscribed to their RSS feed. Thanks for showing me that blog!

    I adore the articles you find on self love. They always are a great read for me.

    • You know, I -still- haven’t made the soup. I wish I had more energy and time to cook right now, for sure. Of course, Mark doesn’t eat vegetables so anything with them has to be made and expected to be turned into leftovers!

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