Spring grass © by Kitty Terwolbeck

This week went by SO QUICKLY. I hardly had time to blink, between fixing my computer, doing homework, and trying to relax. The good news is that the weather is starting to get warm again, though – could spring be around the corner?

Check out this list of Valentine’s Day Recipes! The recipes look so good, and they’re healthy, too!

Sarah Wilson once asked, “How do you exercise?” I think it’s an interesting point. Mark and I have been trying to go for walks lately, and even though they aren’t long or very intense, it still feels nice to stretch our legs every so often, especially now that we’re not walking to the bus every day like we were. How do you exercise?

I admit it – I can’t avoid squealing with delight any time I see baby animals. This baby bear is no exception. It’s just so cute and playful!

Have you discovered anything fun this week to read?

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