Where's this bus going?
Where's this bus going? © by Iguanasan

I miss the buses.

I sometimes go off on an angry rant to poor Mark, who is also feeling the bus strike as much as I am.

I’ve gone to class only for midterms and to turn in assignments, because I can’t afford the $50 per day to travel there and back for each of my three days of classes per week. I paid for a bus pass in my tuition, and I certainly don’t have enough left over to be spending $150 per week on taxi fare – I have to pay rent and bills and buy food, too!

Mark struggled with getting his work to change his schedule to match the only person who lives anywhere near us, who was willing to drive him to work. They finally changed it, and her car was stolen. Because of this, he’s now used up his last sick day of the year. In February.

There are lots of “facts” flying around about why the strike is still going on. The union blames the city, the city blames the union, and nobody’s been talking since last week.

People are losing their jobs. I’m getting lower grades because every one of my classes has a participation and attendance mark that I no longer can afford to receive.

I just wish it would end. I hate being tied up in the apartment all day.

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