Head in Hands © by Alex E. Proimos

I’m so tired of the transit strike. It’s gotten to the point where I have no hope in the system at all – trying to wait for the “bargaining” and the “negotiating” to end is like banging my head repeatedly against a wall. It’s harder and harder to try to remain unbiased when I blog about it, because I’m just so fed up with some of the things that I hear from the people involved in it. It’s exhausting trying to keep our lives on schedule when we can’t even leave the apartment effectively!

In other news, though, I seem to finally be catching up with the semester. It’s not nearly as bad as last semester (aka, the Semester from Hell) but this one has been pretty hectic. With three separate group projects with not nearly enough communication (though one is pulling through at this point and I’ve held it together for the most part), two term papers, multiple assignments, six midterms for my five classes, and finals just around the corner, I’m worn down! I’ve upgraded to a bigger binder to hold all the paper that I have to carry around with me, and I’m getting ready to start all of the crazy term paper madness. I know I should have done it all earlier, but who has time? Not this girl.

On the bright side, I’ve gotten good marks on all my midterms. My lowest was an A-, which is absolutely fine with me. I guess I’m smarter than I thought I was.

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