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It’s been 32 days since I’ve been stuck at home except for my classes. Mark and I have gotten to go grocery shopping three times, to the mall once, to one of our friends’ houses once, and to his parents’ house once during that time. In 32 days, that’s a lot of staying at home. I find myself more impatient with the bus strike every day, but at the same time I feel like I’ve lost hope in it. I’m dealing with a lot of things right now anyway: I have a ton of work to do for all my classes, and I’m trying to make the apartment nicer since I’m stuck in it all the time now, but it’s just so exhausting right now.

Today, the bus drivers started blocking snowplows. I feel like the union may have had public (non-union-affiliated) support still before this, but they may have gone too far this time. I spend a lot of time checking the #transitstrike hashtag on Twitter – it’s actually interesting to see. There are a few people who are 100% pro-union and think that everything the union does is completely justified and right. There aren’t many people who seem to be anti-union, though; just people who are anti-THIS-union. Of those, there are a lot.

One of the big complaints right now by the union is that they want to “keep and improve their quality of life”, but I find this entire thing counterintuitive. If the people of the city have to suffer and decrease their own quality of life to make up the difference, how does the union expect to have the public support? I feel for so many of the drivers right now, though. Unfortunately, since they’re part of the union, they have to do whatever the union votes for. In this case, it’s a strike. It was an overwhelming vote, no doubt, but I don’t know if they would have done the same if they’d known it would last this long.

I only know that I’m bleeding money for rides to and from school, I’ve missed classes, I’ve been pretty much housebound for over a month, Mark has missed days of work, has to pay even more than I do per day to get to and from work, and we’re not even the worst affected by this. There are so many people who depend on the buses; I hope something happens soon. Unfortunately, this “stunt” of blocking the plows to “drum up public support” (yes, that’s what was said in an interview) may be backfiring on them very soon. Whether anything bad happens from this or not, people have already formed their opinions.

I just miss buses. I miss my freedom. I’m a bit tired of feeling politically rant-y. Give me a break already!

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