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It’s that time again, folks.

My brain is no longer working the way it should. So much so that my Friday Favourites for last week is still sitting, unpublished and unfinished, in my drafts folder. Sorry about that!

Today, I have a presentation in my marketing class (the big group project that I’ve been dreading all semester – or, more specifically, one of the three), and I have three other classes to go to.

Wednesday, I have another group project which I haven’t been able to get any of our group members to meet or research, so that should be wonderful. I also have an accounting assignment due, as well as a resume and cover letter for my communications class.

I also have to send my 2010 tax information into the student loans office (why they need two-year-old taxes, I’ll never know) and get a stamp and envelope to turn in with my last communications assignment for feedback.

After that, I have a few more classes, and then finals. This semester is almost over – I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still pretty far away. The two-week-long break after finals will be much-needed.

I’ll be back Wednesday, hopefully with an update about my fitness goals. Here’s a hint – it’s going well!

4 comments on “End of Semester Blues”

  1. I’m feeling the crunch of the end of semester stuff coming up too. Papers, projects, etc. It’s so stressful, especially when you’re in 6 classes at once. What was I thinking? Can’t wait to read about the fitness goals.

  2. Hope your presentation went well today! If nothing else, at least it’s over and done with and isn’t looming over you any more.

    • Thanks, Zi! It went pretty well, though I think it was painfully obvious which two of us (out of five) actually did the work, and which of us were spoon-fed our information before the presentation. Awkward!

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