Brooklyn Blizzard 2 © by Jason Persse

Somehow, winter is suddenly back here in Halifax. We had some snow overnight, and I’ve heard we’re expecting more! As much as I want it to be spring already, at this point I’ve got so many things to think about that the snow is the least of my worries. Here’s hoping the sunshine and warmth is back soon, though!

The idea of meeting at the restaurant for date night is intriguing. Mark and I can’t afford much for date night right now (since we’re paying extra for transportation) but once we can start back up, I might suggest this!

How do you pamper yourself? Personally, I buy myself a few treats at Lush (normally a bubble bar and a bath bomb or two, and split them so they last longer), but I’m loving the body scrub idea. I think I need to get myself some more Rub Rub Rub (I had a sample from the last time I went) and try it out – candles, music and all!

We’re considering moving in the spring, since our apartment isn’t exactly what we need right now. We want more space, and we want to find a place that wasn’t rushed quite so much when it was put together. When we do finally move, I’ll be redecorating! This article (once again from Yes and Yes – I can’t stay away!) about How to Posh Up Your Apartment without Breaking the Bank will be a great help, I think!

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