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Spring is almost here! It’s getting warmer and there is less threat of nasty snowstorms or icy roads. Walking outside is no longer treacherous or frustrating, and opening the windows to let fresh air in is officially my latest hobby. How are you doing with the transition of the seasons?

A guest post on Positively Present shares seven truths about you, and I think they’re important to think about. It’s easy to let these truths get lost in the shuffle of things, but remembering how amazing you are is always essential!

Blonde on a Budget shares her budgeting secrets – and while they may seem like common sense, it’s so good to read. It’s so easy to let budgeting fall by the wayside, but it really is the best way to figure out what happens to all your money while it starts to disappear from your bank account!

If you’re a busty girl (or even if you aren’t!) you should check out Busty Girl Comics. I can relate to so many of the things there, and I find them absolutely hilarious while I scroll down the page nodding furiously!

Let’s face it: when life gets stressful or you’re feeling down, baby animals never fail to make things just a little bit better. All together now: “Awwwwwwww!”

Playing through Mass Effect 3 right now makes me so happy – the story is so detailed and the characters so well-developed. This article about why Mass Effect is the most important science fiction universe of our generation is right on the money.

This week, I had some terrible news that I might elaborate on in a later post if I start to feel comfortable with it. I have to admit: I fell apart. It wasn’t pretty. There were lots of tears, sleepless nights, and just an overall air of sadness. Crunchy Betty shares some tips on how to fall apart with grace, and they’re so good. Everyone needs to fall apart sometimes.

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