Ballooning II © by Adrián Pérez

Things are really looking up around here.

Despite all the anxiety I’ve been feeling lately, I seem to feel okay today. Maybe it’s because the city and the transit union reached a tentative deal last night, and if all goes right with the voting process this week, we could have buses back by the weekend.

Maybe it’s because my giant to-do list that I made last week has a considerable chunk taken out of it. I worked on two assignments yesterday despite not feeling wonderful, and I feel like I’ve made real progress. Now I have to get working on my huge (10-20 page) economics term paper, my slightly smaller marketing group project (a report based on the results of our simulation and a presentation explaining the same thing), and the other group project for my organizational behaviour class. Yes, it seems like a lot, but I’ve gotten so many other things done that I don’t really feel as overwhelmed as I did last week.

Today, though, I’m taking a break. I’ve got Mass Effect 3 and it’s amazing. I won’t spoil anything here, but let me tell you – it’s worth a playthrough if you’re a fan of the series, and probably even if you aren’t already a fan.

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