Marshmallow Creeps from ThinkGeek!

Yesterday, as you likely know, was April Fool’s Day.

I don’t personally tend to get into the spirit by doing any sort of a prank, but I definitely enjoy seeing some of the things different websites have done – especially the bigger companies!

Unfortunately, this year there was one prank that I wish wasn’t a prank: Marshmallow Creeps! Once a year, I indulge in marshmallow Peeps, and I often regret it (so much sugar!) but when I’m eating it, there is no shame – just absolute love for the little balls of sugar. I would totally pick up a package of these, too!

Blizzard never fails to disappoint, either, and this year is no exception, with their educational games for kids based on the Blizzard games! If you have a chance, you should check out the demo version of Zergling Teaches Typing.

Google added an 8-bit version, which is ironic since we just pulled out the basic NES on Friday to play some awful games.

What were your favourite jokes played this April Fool’s Day?

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