So, I’ve lost eight pounds. EIGHT POUNDS. How is this even possible? Well, technically I know how it’s possible. But it’s insane.

I’ve had a few minor setbacks – a trip out of town ended with me deciding whether to stay in the building we were in (for a card tournament) or to wander around an unfamiliar town alone just to get some movement in. I opted to see the town, and found that while the city, Moncton, seems tiny, it’s got a lot of life in just one little street. If I could have stayed out longer and saw more of it, I would have, but at least I’ve got some pretty awesome pictures of the things I did get to see.

Another awkward setback was when I was getting off the couch yesterday to work out. I had been sitting down studying pretty much all day, getting up for food and to make tea and refill my water glass. But as soon as I decided that I needed to do something else, my hip popped, and I couldn’t really bend my leg. It hurt, and it was strange, but I stretched it until it felt right again. It was still sore, so I opted for ten minutes on Wii Fit Free Step and decided that was enough for me.

It’s pretty hard to keep everything going how it should – finals start tomorrow with my managerial accounting exam, then two next week (marketing and macro organizational behaviour), and finally my economics one on the 21st. Then it’s two weeks off before I start my next set of classes – the spring session! I’m taking classes in both the spring and the summer – since I’m doing a double major and a certificate, I need to use my time as wisely as possible to make sure I’m not adding on months and years to my degree. I want to get out of school and get a job as soon as possible!

I’m pretty excited about one of my classes next fall, but I’ll probably write more about that later. For now, I need to get making my breakfast and picking up where I left off on my studying: relevant costs for decision making!

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