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I feel like things are starting to slow down and get to where I can breathe and relax again. Everything’s working out right now!

I have five days before my final exam for HR Economics, and that’s more than enough time – I’m already nearly half done making my flash cards, and Mark can start quizzing me after work every night like he did for the other finals. I don’t have information about my term paper for the course (which is the largest part of my grade) but I’m assuming going in that I did reasonably well, and just planning to do as well as I can on the exam, too.

I have, however, gotten my first grade of the semester back – an A+ in Managerial Accounting! Getting these sorts of grades in accounting courses never fails to make me think about the decision I’m making after the summer, about what I’m planning to major in. I’ve got a fairly hefty workload because of the fact that I’m doing both a double major and a certificate, but knowing that I did well (and was interested in the subject) makes me so confident that I’ll be just fine in my future career.

I happened to look at that grade in the middle of a game of cards, actually – we were at a friend’s house playing cards, drinking, and snacking (a lot) – and it was so much fun. I needed to unwind, and while I hadn’t planned on splurging too much since I’m trying to lose weight, I eventually gave myself the night “off” and did whatever I wanted. Of course, later that night (technically the next morning) when Mark and I were headed to bed, curiosity got the best of me and I logged all the calories – and wasn’t over by as many as I’d expected to be. Either way, it was a fantastic night and I can’t wait to do it again – probably for my birthday!

Now that I’ve mentioned weight loss, I should mention that I’ve been feeling “off” the past few days and haven’t been able to work out as intensely as I’d like. Not that I’m out running marathons even on my best days, but I’ve been more gentle – walking especially, instead of doing long, drawn-out workouts that make me sore the next day. I’d started to worry that if I let myself “go” I’d stop doing it altogether, but so far that isn’t the case! Between that and the splurge Friday night, I gained 0.2 pounds as of Saturday, but I imagine there’s more going on behind the scenes to justify that weight gain. Especially since I weighed myself this morning, and was down 0.9 pounds again – for a total of just over 9 pounds. I’m so close to 10 I can taste it!

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