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It’s… trying to be spring here. We had a ton of snow earlier in the week, which is hilarious considering the fact that we had tank-top-and-shorts weather two weeks ago. Finals are almost over, so I’m starting to feel less like a zombie (Braaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnnsssssssssss…) and more like a human again. Especially since I think I did fairly well on all of them, actually! Here’s hoping, anyway. I’m so close to Dean’s List this year that I would hate for something to get in the way. Anyway, here are some fun links that I’ve found – and feel free to share your own interesting links here, too!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t have good table manners. Two of the biggest offenders, in my eyes, are talking with your mouth full and chewing with your mouth open. I can’t sit near anyone who chews loudly! This post from A Cup of Jo goes much further than just the basics of table manners, though. I always knew about the positioning of your flatware to signal you’re done with a meal, but I never did know about the proper way to sit in a chair! I like the illustration for that one, especially.

Gala Darling’s “Am I A Hypocrite for Professing Radical Self Love While Wearing 5 Inch Heels?” has been making its way around a lot of blogs on their “must-read” list lately, and with good reason. I love the message here – treating yourself well and decorating yourself in a way that you find beautiful is not a way of saying you’re not good enough. Quite the opposite, in fact – I find that when I’m feeling awesome about myself, I put more effort in to making myself look good. If it’s something that makes you happy, then that’s self-love, in my opinion.

Davinia Hamilton has written a great post about living a rich life on a tough budget – and it’s really fitting to my life right now. We’re still trying to recover from the awful bus strike, so luxuries are few and far between. It is important, though, to try to treat yourself well, no matter your situation.

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