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It’s so nice to be free for a couple weeks from classes, despite having to do a million things to prepare for secret projects (ooh!) and also for summer courses. I’m looking forward to much warmer weather, though, and “real” summer! What are you enjoying this lovely Friday?

I have a few years to go yet (I turn 27 next Thursday), but this list of 30 things every woman should have and know before turning 30 is pretty awesome.

I’m not honestly sure how I feel about the real Springfield being revealed. I loved that it was a secret. (To everybody.)

I work a lot with spreadsheets, even in my spare time for personal reasons, and I have found this tip for returning the last value in a column extremely helpful!

This isn’t the first article about whether Facebook has an effect on how lonely we are, but it never fails to ring true to me. The more I’m on Facebook some days, the more I realize how disconnected I am from having a real social life – at least around half the time.

I love this list of awkward merit badges – how many would you have earned?

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  1. I think that 30 things by 30 list is superficial and leaves out a lot of important things.

    I liked that Springfield was a secret too. I’m sad that they told everyone.

    I love those merit badges. Haha, I’ve earned heaps of them.

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