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It’s Easter weekend! Many people are lucky to have a long weekend to spend with friends and family (or just hanging out at home relaxing, which is totally okay too!), but Mark works both tomorrow and Sunday, so we’re doing our “celebrating” early. Tonight, we’re having his dad over for dinner and to teach him how to play Ticket to Ride while watching terrible wrestling. Mark’s mom is in Spain right now with his brother, so we thought it’d be nice to spend some time with his dad. In the meantime, here are some fun links to keep you entertained for a little while!

I really think that the way the Internet loosens the word “friend”, it’s harder than ever to find and maintain true friendships. There are times that I look at my feed and wonder “why is that person there?!” but then I don’t remove them, because that would make me feel guilty. This post from A Geek Tragedy is a great article breaking down the types (and numbers!) of friends a person can have, and how those relationships affect us.

Speaking of friends, Kate (of Eat the Damn Cake) asks a good question: “Where are the forever friends?” I find that even though you’re “supposed” to make lasting friendships throughout your life, the only ones who’ve really “stuck” are more recent friendships. That said, I hope that these are the “forever friends” and maybe I’m just worried for nothing!

I love the mini memorial shots from PhilDesignArt – “A Bee Remembered” cracks me up, and makes me feel sad for the poor bee, all at the same time!

Being a short girl, I have spent much of my life in heels – and breaking them in is the worst! Of course, if I’d had awesome tips like these from the beauty department, it might not have been so bad. I’ll have to try these on my next pair of tall shoes!

To me, the idea of creating a mini-retreat at home to get things done is brilliant. The more work I do for school, the more I realize the environment that I need for certain activities. For example, studying requires TV shows in the background that I’m familiar with, but no other distractions. I can’t hold a conversation and study, unless I’m studying in a group. However, writing term papers requires a level of concentration that I have to fall into – I have to start early in case I struggle with this at first. My favourite tip on this list, of course, is to get organized. I immediately start to notice if the living room is a mess or if there is a mountain of dirty dishes, so I tend to do all of that beforehand, then grab my pencil case and everything else I could possibly need, so I don’t have to get off the couch unless I need a glass of water!

I’ve posted about Busty Girl Comics before, but I can’t get enough of them! With the current health and fitness kick I’ve been on lately, this strip about running made me laugh especially hard. While I have multiple reasons why I haven’t been able to successfully run, this is definitely on the list!

What are you doing this Easter to celebrate? Are you dying eggs and hiding them around the house? (That was one of my favourite activities as a kid – so much so that I’d hide them all again and do it over and over until someone told me I had to stop!) Are you making a fabulous dinner to share with your family or friends? Or are you just enjoying the extra day off work – if you get one?

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