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I’ve got three more exams to write. That’s more than half (technically half would be 2.5, since I took five courses this semester), but it feels like the worst is rapidly approaching, and will be over so soon. This Wednesday, I have my Macro Organizational Behaviour exam, and while I felt like I didn’t know any material (the lectures were terrible, and the book is full of “fluff” – extra words for the sake of sounding more important than it is), I seem to know a fair amount. That class was easily my worst class – not in terms of grades (that would be Communications, which is designed to nit-pick at your writing) but in terms of both interest and relevance to my degree. Thursday, I have my marketing exam, which I am decidedly less prepared for. I’m working on flash cards today, though, and going to practice until I can’t practice any more.

After all those exams, I get a short break – a little under two weeks – and then I have my economics exam. I’ll be studying up a storm for that, too, but only once I get these two out of the way. I’ve realized that while I’m pretty much guaranteed a B or B+ in Communications, I’m also pretty much guaranteed an A or A+ in Managerial Accounting, so they balance out in a way. My goal is dean’s list this year. I missed it last year by only taking four classes in the winter, but I still qualified for the academic achievement scholarship. If I get an A or B+ in every class this semester, I can still pull it off! So here’s hoping.

Now, off to study some more. My brain may explode soon.

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