Clint Black at Billy Bob

There’s a post that’s made its way through many link lists lately, and nearly ended up on my Friday Favourites for the last few weeks, but I felt it deserved its own post: Stop enjoying things ironically. Just enjoy them.

Here’s the thing. As adults, we’re supposed to be past the whole “my friends don’t like it, so neither should I” phase in our lives, but we’re really not. Whether or not people will judge you for the things you enjoy, we tend to hide the more potentially embarrassing things away and not share them. So instead of just enjoying them, I’m going to draw attention to them, right here!

The biggest thing that I tend to hide away is my absolute love for country music. Generally speaking, it’s the music from the 90s – it’s what I grew up listening to, and it’s always held a special place in my heart. If I’m feeling really anxious or stressed, I put on my country playlist (separated so Mark can have a country-free ipod if he chooses!) and sing along as loud as I can. What can I say – I’m a country girl at heart.

Of course, there are other things that I enjoy and don’t often share publicly: my love for TV shows meant for kids when I was a kid (Boy Meets World, Full House, Family Matters, Saved By the Bell), TV shows and movies in the 1940s-1960s (not necessarily classics, either – just ones that catch my eye), mindless “fluff” books between the more dense historical fiction or fantasy series (Shopaholic books, and anything published by Red Dress Ink), and watching wrestling twice a week with Mark, trying to predict what will happen.

So: now that I’ve been brave, what are you enjoying un-ironically?

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