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Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 27! I keep forgetting my age, though – I wonder if I’m losing my mind already. I thought for about half the year that I was turning 28 this year. Apparently I want to rush it!

Aging is a funny thing. People keep teasing me that while I’m totally cool with my age right now (especially since most of my friends are older than I am, so I feel less like the “baby” of the group as I age), it’ll all change when I hit 30. I don’t think that’s entirely true, though!

By the time I’m 30, I’ll (in theory) have finished the degree that I’ve been working so hard at for the last two years. I should have a job that I enjoy (instead of just the first one that comes along) and I’ll be able to continue my life where I left off when I put it “on hold” to go back to school. By then, I’ll have reached the goals I’ve set for myself as far as health and fitness are concerned, and I’ll be comfortable with who I am.

That’s not to say I’m not starting all of this now. I’m working on my confidence, and I’m working toward each of the goals I’ve set for myself. Sometimes they might go a bit slower than I’d normally want them to, but all progress is good progress!

While I’m not exactly ready for the early bird special, I can’t wait to see how my life progresses as I get older. It can only get better, right? Right.

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