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This semester is intense. I expected it – cramming twelve(ish) weeks of work into six weeks is a lot of work. I just wasn’t prepared for the immediate rush of work. Here’s what my schedule is looking like right now:

Today: I skipped my class (bad!) to work on my finance assignment (ironically, Finance is the class I skipped) and work a bit more on a project for my ethics class. Also, to stay out of the rain. Yuck.
Tomorrow: I have ethics class at 9am, then I will be either turning in my finance assignment right away, or finishing the assignment first, then turning it in. It’s technically due Friday, but I like to turn it in early and then be free to sleep in if I need to on Friday.
Friday: Probably working on ethics research, or maybe getting a head start on studying for my finance midterm.
Saturday: Might be going with Mark to some tournament thing. I heard the details, but immediately forgot what it is and what it’s for – and where it is. Oops? I’ll be working on some research and papers while I’m there, regardless.
Sunday: Putting together our (hopefully) final draft for my group’s fifteen-page ethics paper. Oof.
Monday: Finance class.
Tuesday: Ethics class, where we have to turn in our giant paper (of doooooom).
Wednesday: Finance class.
Thursday: Ethics class.
Friday: Finance midterm.

Busy, busy, busy. On top of that, I have a presentation to put together for our ethics class two weeks from tomorrow. We have a thirty-minute presentation, and about two weeks total to prepare.

This is intense. Almost makes me wish I had an actual summer break – but then I remember that this is allowing me to finish my degree in four years, instead of five. I’ll take that trade for now!

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