avengers movie poster © by theNerdPatrol

TODAY IS THE DAY! A fantastic late birthday present to me – The Avengers movie is out! In honour of this fantastic event (and seeing Chris Hemsworth on the big screen again – yum!), this Friday Favourites will be the nerdiest yet!

First off, I’m loving these Batman drawings in Draw Something. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you will have seen them already, but I think they’re totally worth giving a second look to. If I was more coordinated with my iPod touch, I might try to do something similar!

Crossing two of my favourite hobbies together, Eric has done it again with one of his fantastic Magic card alters: Snapcaster Mage as Mega Man! (Scroll about halfway down the page to see. Of course, stop to look at the rest of his fantastic art along the way!)

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Season 5 has started! The biggest season yet, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Thankfully there are a million (okay, that’s an exaggeration) different perspectives from which to watch – hours and hours of entertainment! It’s not your typical tutorial-style Minecraft video series – this is all about adventure, and DANGER!

I am absolutely psyched for the costume exhibit at our museum of natural history this summer. I was hoping to surprise Mark with a trip there, but ended up telling him about it instead. It’ll still be fantastic!

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