Tea soothes the soul. © by Ducklover Bonnie

The week after birthday week has been wonderful, but I’ve spent most of it curled up with blankets and trying to relax – I’ve been sick! Classes started so I’ve had to go out of the apartment a bit, but right now tea is my best friend, and I’m just hoping to recover by Monday. Wish me luck!

Five Minutes to Glowing Skin is amazing – I always like reading about what other people are doing to look so incredible all the time!

As someone who regularly feels guilty and gets on my own case about having to be “good enough”, this post about whether this behaviour is actually helpful is amazing. I think I need to print it out and carry it with me all the time!

I absolutely love this list of ways to take care of yourself. I think that so many people forget to take time for themselves – especially when they’re busy, which is really when they need the time the most!

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