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I scheduled Monday’s post for Sunday. I looked at the date four times (I wrote it on Saturday), and still scheduled it wrong. WHERE IS MY BRAIN?

Well, I’m trying to cram as much information into my brain at once for my courses: ethics and finance. Finance isn’t so bad, but ethics is dense. It’s an important topic, but there is a lot of very dense information, and I’m thinking that perhaps taking the condensed course (the 6-week summer course as opposed to the longer school-year-semester course) wasn’t my best idea ever.

On top of that, I’ve nearly lost the three pounds I gained over my birthday weekend. I didn’t mention it here yet since I didn’t see it as a huge deal (it’s only three pounds, after all!) but I figured losing it again was a nice thing to mention. I like that I can bounce back from any setbacks that I come across on my journey to lose this weight once and for all.

Has anyone been actually enjoying their summer break? If so, tell me your stories. Mine seems to be full of books and papers!

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  1. Haha I’ve done that before and posted more than one entry in a day. It’s annoying. Silly me. Great job with the weight loss. You are definitely going to succeed especially with that attitude! It’s definitely not summer here. We’re going into winter. I’m freezing!

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