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I’ve been missing lately. It’s finals time – my brain was tied up elsewhere! Let’s face it, too – you wouldn’t want to read about how many hours I put in studying for finals, putting together an ethics presentation, putting together an ethics paper, and teaching myself capital budgeting to make up for the three classes I missed while I was sick last week.

And… Breathe.

On top of all the school tasks, I’ve been doing other things. I’ve been putting together Mark’s new Magic: The Gathering site (which I think is absolutely fantastic!), catching up on TV shows, spending time with Mark’s family and our friends, and just trying to keep myself sane.

It’s working – for the most part. I’ve hit the after-finals wall, though, and I’m trying to breathe. I have one week off between the semester I just completed and the next semester, and I’m trying to make the most of it. Next semester will be a busy one, too, since I’m taking Finance and Commercial Law. Intense courses!

What will I be doing? Working more on Mark’s site, trying to remember to blog when I have interesting things to say, and playing ridiculous amounts of video games. That’s right – I’m back into games. Right now, I’m re-enjoying World of Warcraft, and I’ve been playing Minecraft for quite a while. Those two should keep me busy for the week!

How is everyone enjoying summer so far? It’s rainy here, so I’m just waiting for the nice weather to catch up. Hope it happens this week!

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