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Vacation is over, for now. Classes started Wednesday, which means I’m back into studious Angela mode – or as close to it as I can get. I’m feeling some serious cabin fever lately, and I just want to go places, and see different things, and just forget about everything else. Sadly, I can’t do that just yet, so instead I’ll be content just reading as much as possible and trying to relax.

I’m constantly reorganizing and trying to find new ways to sort pretty much everything in my life. this infographic made me happier than it probably should have, and made me instantly want to move everything I own around until it was perfectly organized.

An interesting idea, here is the to-do list for living a positive life. I know I personally have a way to go before I complete that to-do list (or even start most of it!) but it is nice to see some guidelines. It’s easy to get sucked into the negative these days.

Maybe it’s because I spend most of my time surrounded by university students who roll out of bed to go to class, and then get ready to go out for the evening, but I found this article comparing European and American fashion so relevant. That said, I’m one of those in the “jeans and t-shirt” situation, so maybe I should start paying attention to my own style!

I was a bit confused when I first read this advice, but then I tried it. It’s powerful. I may have teared up a bit. It’s pretty crazy to see yourself almost as a different person. Try it, you’ll see!

I love these quotes about body image. They’re fantastic to look at when you’re having a bit of a down day.

Have you read anything fantastic this week? Are you, too, suffering from a bit of cabin fever? Or are you lucky enough to go on a fabulous vacation? (If so, please tell me all about it – and spare no details or photos!)

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