I’m still struggling with the fact that I immediately assume everyone is judging what I eat or what I buy at the grocery store. Apparently, I’m not the only one – but perhaps we should all stop apologizing for wanting food.

Of course, on the other side of things, the criticism I fear does actually happen – but it needs to stop. What’s wrong with fat shaming? The answer is simple – everything.

As a small-time blogger, I really liked these tips. When it seems like everyone is bragging about their visitor count or how many comments they have, it can easily feel like the least popular person in a crowded room. It’s important to remember why you’re blogging in the first place!

I wore heels a lot in high school, but they were mostly big chunky heels. Since then (and since I started walking everywhere!) I seem to have forgotten how to wear tall shoes. That’s why I love this advice on how to walk in high heels – it makes me want to pull my pair of giant shoes out of the closet and try again!

Today, I’m going to relax and do whatever I want. I got everything I needed to done on Wednesday just so I could have a weekend to myself – and for once I’m not feeling guilty about it! I feel especially good about it after reading that killing time is not a sin.

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