A Welcome Clarification

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Mostly Minecraft videos, but a few other as well. I’ve been seeing an increasing number of a certain type of comment lately, and it made me wonder when this started, and even more, why it started.

On a recent video from one of my favourite Minecraft players, I saw this as one of the top comments:

no offence but what you did there… looked kinda gay haha (nothing wrong with gay people) but Going to the city. (doing your hands like that) haha , Love you Doc , No homo

(The video is here, if you want to see what hand motion he’s talking about – it’s around 20 seconds in.)

Two things stood out to me here.

First of all, there’s the fact that it was even brought up that the gesture “looked kinda gay” and the person then found it necessary to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with gay people. Um, the very fact that you’re bringing it up implies that you think there’s something wrong – otherwise it’d just be a human thing. For instance, when you see someone stretch like a cat, you don’t say “hey, they look like a cat – but there’s nothing wrong with cats!”, do you? Okay, bad analogy – but you get the point.

Going even further into the comment, though, there’s the “Love you, no homo” line. This line shows up in the comments section of just about every video I watch, really. The fact that the person clarified it here makes me wonder if they think that every time they say “I love _____”, someone is assuming it’s in a sexual way. But how many types of love are there in the world? For example, I love video games, my cats, my family, and Jumbleberry frozen yogurt. Do I really need to specify that I’m not sexually interested in these things?

Who started this, and why are they so convinced everyone wants to sleep with them?

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