Not an actual new year, mind you. Just a new school year.

I always loved going back to school. The new school clothes, the books, the binders and pencils and other supplies – they all made me smile.

This year I’m trying to approach school from a different perspective. My schedule is intense, and I’m already exhausted. I bought my books today – and am now $600 poorer. And that’s just for one semester – I haven’t looked at the winter semester (which is worse!).

Here’s my schedule:

Monday / Wednesday
1:00 pm: Tudor and Stuart Britain (History – totally not part of my major but only offered every two years!)
2:30 pm: Investments
5:30 pm: Intermediate Financial Accounting I
7:00 pm: Intermediate Financial Accounting Lab

Tuesday / Thursday
8:30 am: Management Information Systems
2:30 pm: Cost Management: Information Systems

On one hand, I love that I’m getting down to the root of my actual degree – no more (or very few more) of those ridiculous commerce classes that aren’t technically relevant to my degree. I think I have two more “capstone” courses in management and the rest is Finance, Accounting, and electives. On the other hand, that’s a lot of classes. And a lot of work. I’m already overwhelmed and the semester hasn’t even started yet!

I need to declare my major this year. I wanted to try out both Finance and Accounting classes before I did so, to make sure that I was good enough in the classes to support a major in them. Turns out I can handle it, so now I just need it on paper. I wonder if everyone struggles with making that decision so final…

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  1. I can’t wait to start back at university. I haven’t had a class since March and finished my last exam in May. I am beyond bored. I’m supposed to get my timetable on Thursday and I start two weeks today. I need a book list! I need to get ahead with my reading because I hate having to rush through two books a week. I feel like I don’t get time to enjoy or understand them to their fullest.

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