Life hasn’t let up yet. I’ve been taking my relaxation wherever I can, but there is so little time and so much to do.

Mark is still looking for a job, and we’re hoping for something good soon. He’s got his resume out everywhere, so something should come up at some point. In the meantime, we wait and see what happens.

School is still ridiculously intense. I’m in the middle of my midterms (I had two last week, and three this coming week), and studying like mad. I skipped out on playing in a tournament yesterday so that I could make flashcards for one of my classes. I’m very afraid that I’ll miss something important, but hoping that all my studying will pay off.

There has been one bright spot in the last couple of weeks, though: I managed to make Dean’s list for last year! I didn’t think I’d get there, since I never made it the first year, though my GPA was higher. I got the letter last week, though, and it absolutely made my day.

Tell me this, though: How do you relax when life gets crazy? I’m taking all suggestions at this point!

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  1. I’m crazy busy at the moment too and my essays haven’t even properly started yet. I’m going to get started this week so that I’m not a big stress ball when it comes to them all being in. Well done for getting on the Dean’s list and I really hope Mark finds a job soon.

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