Today, we have a lot of noise in our tiny apartment. The tiles finally fell off the wall (they’ve been hanging in their, with us not touching them, for a few months now) and they’ve decided that in order to take care of the problem, they’re replacing everything. New sink. New tub. New drywall. New tiles on the walls. New floor. New toilet. New everything! I’m so excited, because I was not a fan of the old bathroom.

On top of the whirlwind going on in our apartment, there’s a bit of a whirlwind going on in my head. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, who gave me a sample medication to try to help my anxiety and my depression. Obviously I haven’t noticed a change yet, but I’m hoping it’ll work pretty well. I’ve just got to keep an eye on side effects, and pay close attention to how it affects me in the next two weeks until my follow-up appointment.

In addition to the medicine, I’m also seeing a therapist. I went once back before the bus strike, and after that madness was over, I felt so silly about not making an appointment during the strike (since I couldn’t realistically get to the city from my apartment without transportation) that I avoided making one for months. Nine months, to be exact. Whoops?

I’m hoping that these changes make it a bit easier for me to cope with everything that’s going on. I try very hard to continue to be a functioning human being, but sometimes that’s just too hard. Here’s hoping it gets a bit easier from here!

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  1. I bet your apartment will look pretty amazing soon even if it is quite annoying while the work is being done. I hope you’re feeling better soon. <3

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