November 1, 2011

I can hardly believe it’s November already. I mean, I know how days and weeks turn into months, and that the new month just started, but it’s mind-boggling.

I imagine this is part of the anxiety/depression treatment. I feel a bit like I’m waking up – like the last 10 years have been a dream, and I’m just now noticing things. It’s definitely cool, but it throws you off a bit!

I’m not at all prepared for it to be November, though. This means autumn is pretty much over with! We already see Christmas decorations in all the stores here, my favourite tea company has put aside its autumn collection (Goodbye, Pumpkin Chai! *sniffle*) for the year, and Christmas is less than two months away!

I’ve got exams – still. I’ve had six midterms for five classes, along with two quizzes, 40+ assignments, and I’ve got one more midterm on Monday. So much work. I’m finding it easier now that I’m not panicking, but I feel like they’re throwing everything at us at once! How do people keep up with these things?

Anyway, how do you feel about it being November already? Are you prepared for Christmas yet? Mark and I have bought each other a few gifts with our limited budget, but I don’t think we’re going completely all-out this year, and that’s fine!

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