Autumn Leaves

One of the things about living in Canada that screws me up the most is the fact that Thanksgiving comes before Halloween. This makes me always feel like the gap between Halloween and Christmas goes much quicker – there’s nothing in between to sort of break things up! Christmas decorations went up at the stores November 1st (possibly earlier in some cases) and we’ve been to not one, but two Christmas craft fairs already.

The craft fairs were awesome, as usual. One of them was better than the other, but it was also much larger, which meant there were more chances to find good things there. I got myself two bottles of my favourite salad dressing (Cracked Pepper Strawberry from Juliette and John) and a candy cane cupcake from Susie’s Shortbreads – both amazing presents to myself! I picked up a few other things between there and the shopping centres, but most of them are secrets. Shh!

Anyway, now that the weekend’s almost over, I’ve got to get back into study/schoolwork mode, so I’m making a list of all the things I need to do while studying for my seventh midterm of the semester. (Remember, I only have five classes. Seven midterms seems a bit excessive.) I’m so busy from here right through until mid-December, when I have no more exams (my finals end around the middle of the month) and can focus on getting ready for Christmas.

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of money in the budget for Christmas gifts, but I’m hoping what I’ve gotten Mark will suffice this year. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it! He got an early gift yesterday – a wireless adapter for our Xbox 360. We had it hooked up to the router through a cable that ran from the living room (where it is) to the bedroom (where the router is), but things fell apart quickly.

The cable company came in a little over a year ago to connect our “new” internet and cable (we switched providers to take advantage of a student discount that I was eligible for), and cut the ethernet cable between our living room and bedroom to install a coaxial cable instead. While it was good to be able to connect the router up from the only coax outlet in our apartment (in the living room), this meant that there was no way to get internet to our Xbox without unplugging our DVR, moving the router into the living room, and disconnecting Mark’s computer from the network.

He’s since gotten a new (to him) computer, which is wireless, which we thought meant that we could finally move the router to the living room and end this nightmare. Nope! No such luck. We quickly realized that the hole in the wall for the coax cable was just made big enough for the cable – not the connector on the end – to pass through. This wouldn’t have been such a huge problem, except we would have needed another piece of coax cable to connect to the splitter (which is in the living room, near our DVR), and even still, we weren’t able to disconnect the cable from the splitter with the tools we had. It was such a mess that we threw in the towel, and Christmas came early for Mark this year.

What are you planning for right now? Anything more exciting than exams and assignments? Let me live vicariously!

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