It’s interesting – I was never so intrigued by politics until I moved out of the US. I’m not legal to vote here in Canada (you have to be a citizen to exercise that right) and I haven’t voted absentee since I’ve been here – I just found out that my registration was still valid, and it’s too late to apply for the voting card, a fact that makes me more disappointed than I thought I’d be.

That said, I’m actually following the election process – the same thing I did four years ago. This year, the election makes me nervous for so many reasons. While a lot of things won’t affect me personally, I have family and friends who will see the effects of the decisions made today, and for the next four (or more) years.

While I try to avoid most of the political debates online (there’s just no way to debate with people online and keep things civil) I do read them, and I have opinions that those who talk to me regularly know.

Here’s hoping that the voters in the US make the right decision today. It’s incredibly important to the welfare of the country, and everyone who might be involved in the country in the years to come.

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