dreams and wishes. 62/365

Ever since I was young, I’ve had recurring themes in my dreams. Sometimes it’s an activity – for a while in high school I had vivid dreams about things like marching band or school – but sometimes it’s just a person or place.

This morning I woke up from a relatively deep sleep and felt hazy. I had a dream about an apartment that Mark had “lived in” before he lived here, which I had visited before. However, this was confusing to me – ever since I’ve known Mark, he’s lived where we live now. I’ve seen one of his old apartments from the outside (it’s right down the street from where we live now) but I’ve never been inside, and it looks nothing like the one in the dream.

Even weirder, I was aware in the dream that I’d been to the place before and that it had changed. I had memories in my dream of the other dreams I’d had there. One of them was when I was visiting him and played cards on a table in the kitchen, and another one of them was when I was trying to park my car but there were no parking spots, so I drove around for hours trying to find somewhere that I could leave my car. I can’t fully remember them if I try, but the memory in my dream last night of these other “days” was so vivid that I woke up feeling like it was all real.

Do you ever have dreams that cross over each other?

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