I’ve mentioned before that last semester was my hardest to date (and my grades definitely reflected that, for better or for worse). However, this next semester is proving to be something of a mountain that I’ll have to tackle. Six classes is a lot, but I’m hoping I can organize my way through it – I’ve got a new planner, a whole ton of new school supplies (this is a fantastic Christmas gift – makes me easy to shop for!), and just enough student loans to cover the massive cost of books.

However, I keep worrying. I have been known to worry from time to time, but this is sort of a constant “I should be more prepared” kind of nagging. I feel like I haven’t prepared myself well enough for the semester ahead, though I don’t know what else I could be doing to better prepare myself.

I think I’m afraid that I’ll get lazy and skip my classes, or have a meltdown and fail everything at once. I had a hard time going to four days of classes (the travel time on the bus irritates me when it’s only for one or two classes), made harder by the anxiety that literally kept me bedridden at times. Now, I’ve got five days of classes instead. On top of that, it’s winter – winter in Nova Scotia is cold (duh!) and windy and miserable, and I just wish I could live somewhere sunny year-round.

Yes, I’m whining. Oh, well.

I think I just need to hope for the best. I’m already putting extra pressure on myself just by stressing out – do I really need that?

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