cup of tea

You know those days when you have a cold that feels much worse than a cold, and all you want to do is lie in bed all day and mope? Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Luckily, school doesn’t start until next week, so I could do just that – except on the couch, and with more gaming. Mark made me lots of tea (Cold 911 – it’s really tasty and if nothing else makes you think you’re getting better!) and I picked at some food when I felt hungry enough.

Mark’s got a meeting with his new employer in about 40 minutes, so I’ve decided to take some time to take a hot bath and watch some videos before then, and then I will game while he has his meeting. Since he’ll be working from home, he’s also taking the meetings and things at home, so I’ll just be hanging out in the living room while he does so.

Earlier today, we took down our Christmas tree and put away our remaining presents, and I’m happy to say we didn’t end up taking up too much extra room. Since one of my goals for the year is to avoid adding too much clutter to the apartment, it was nice to know that we didn’t get more presents than we could find homes for in the apartment. I have serious issues getting rid of presents (I feel that if someone is so thoughtful to pick something out for me, getting rid of it would be insensitive) so it was good to not have to throw any of them away.

Once we have a chance, though, we really need to go through our storage room and get rid of a bunch of things/condense the things that we have in there. Our apartment is tiny and we need all the storage we can get!

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