Nubble Light In Snow

For the first time this winter, the ground is covered in snow. Not a ton of snow, mind you – but enough to walk through and leave footprints, and maybe get a bit stuck in your sock (ick!). Or, enough to slip on black ice underneath and bang up your knee like I did this week – whoops! Either way, it looks gorgeous, especially from inside the apartment with a hot cup of tea and some good movies or TV shows to watch.

This post about body love is really good. I immediately followed the directions in the post, and was pleasantly calm after. I was surprised – sometimes when I do that sort of thing, I feel a bit like I’m just phoning it in – not actually going along with it and feeling anything. This time, though, I did.

On the topic of body love, I really liked this article about how body acceptance is absolutely necessary in business. As someone who will be graduating in a little over a year and re-entering the business world, I can admit that I’m afraid for how I will look when I go out there. My goal was to be thin again before I found a job, but that’s relatively unrealistic and doesn’t change the fact that when I graduate, I’ll have a good education and a great GPA. That’s what should matter!

On the entertainment front, I really enjoyed looking at these behind the scenes photos from famous movies. I am a sucker for anything that goes on behind the scenes of TV shows and movies – I like seeing people out of their characters for a bit and just hanging out. My favourite would definitely have to be #22 – the change in perspective makes so much difference!

Being an unemployed student means that we’re not exactly rolling in cash around here. Because of that, I’m always on the lookout for cheap or free things to do that will still be fun. I love this list! I might try working through it in the next little while and do as many of those things as I can.

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