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I’ve said it before. More than once. Group projects should be banned from the university curriculum. I don’t care that they’re supposed to “prepare you for the real world” – I call bull. If people in the “real world” acted the way these people do during group projects, they wouldn’t have jobs, and people like me would get promotions. Simple.

I’m in the middle of another one of these lovely group projects, and so far it’s been like pulling teeth. It took a week and a half of emails and then going to the professor the class before our paper was due before one of the group members replied, and the other one still hasn’t – to me, at least. Apparently, he went to the other group member. Never mind that I’ve been sending out emails, and we’ve already turned in one of our papers, so he’s so far behind that I don’t know that he’ll catch up.

On top of that, I was sick for our last class (the one where our paper was due) so I had the other member turn in the paper – in theory. She still hasn’t confirmed that she turned it in, let alone showed me her part of the paper. At this point, I feel like I’m losing control. I emailed her on Thursday and also sent her a text message, since she said she doesn’t always have access to email (problem #… I’ve lost count). It took until today (Sunday) for her to reply, at which point she suggested meeting up at 7:30 tonight. First off, last minute? Not going to work when I have six courses and it’s the weekend before my second set of midterms. On top of that, I live an hour and a half away from campus by bus, which means I wouldn’t get home until at least 10 if we met for an hour – at minimum. Not going to happen on a Sunday night when the buses are messed up. That’s not even mentioning the fact that I have plans to do an assignment with another friend (one of the the only two successful group members I’ve ever had in university, surprisingly) and study for the aforementioned midterms.

Who waits three days to reply to a message – text or email – when it’s about something that’s due in five days? How does this constitute good work ethic? On top of that, the professor has implied that it’s my leadership that’s the problem when I asked her for help about what to do. This is simply not working at all. I’m so close to dropping the course – something I’ve never considered before – but I’ve already taken the midterm and feel like that would be such a waste after investing time and effort into the course thus far.

Of course, group projects aren’t my only problem at the moment. My phone is on the fritz yet again and refuses to connect to wi-fi. The last time this happened, I had to do a factory reset to get it working – not promising. Of course, this would happen right after I reduce the amount of data that I have on my account to lower my bill – I wasn’t using much before, so I figured I would lower it. Now, who knows how much I’m stuck using? I’ve still got another year and a few months before I’m eligible for an upgrade on my phone, so I have to just tough it out.

I’m seriously going to break if my stress level doesn’t die down soon. I’ve been sick – with a cold – for two months now. It will not die. I keep telling Mark that if university were a job, I’d be on stress leave right now because my immune system is so shot from the stress. Sadly, you can’t take stress leave from university – they just keep giving you more work to do.


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  1. I totally agree with you about group projects. I really hate them and they don’t help you prepare for the real world at all. I hope things get easier for you soon.

  2. I’m hoping this has all cleared up in the 2 weeks since you’ve posted this. I recently had some stress-related sickness as well and it’s not fun.

    That’s quite a distance to go for school. Do you have online courses or do you have to go the hour and a half every day?

    • It’s actually still continuing, though much better. I took a deep breath and took last week off entirely, to help save my sanity. It’s so weird how your brain ties in so easily to the rest of your body – logically, it makes sense, but people tend to forget about it very easily.

      As for the trip to school, I have to make it every day if I go to classes. It’s brutal in the winter, but not so bad once the weather gets a bit better. Here’s hoping it starts getting better very soon!

  3. Just checking in to see how you’re doing. How’s the cold that wouldn’t end? I hope you’re finally over it. Spring is here now (supposed to be anyway) and with it is renewal.

    I always hated group projects too. I loathed them actually. The only good thing ever to come out of a group project was that sometimes I didn’t have to present anything to the class because I did the background work 😛

    • Hi Zi! The cold still hangs on, though not nearly as bad as it was. Thanks for asking!

      Spring is here – ha! Is your weather as nasty as ours has been? I assume so, but you never know. You might just be lucky!

      As for the group projects, I wish this one was like that. I’ve had quite a few where that arrangement worked, but even after all the work is done, we’re graded individually on our presenting. So instead, I’m stuck doing all the work and presenting, too! I’m just counting down the time until classes end for the semester. (Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks!)

      Hope you and the little ones are doing fantastic! 😀

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