refreshing greens

An ironic thing to have read while dealing with insomnia, I absolutely love all the tips in this post about maintaining a sleep schedule.

This post about the introduction of seven-digit phone numbers and the introduction of phones with their own dials was incredibly interesting. I love just about everything from the 50s, and while some of the videos were from other decades, they were just as charming!

I’m nearing in to 30 myself (okay, I still have a few more years, but it still feels close!) so I loved this list of things to do and have before 29. I might need to make a list of my own one of these days! If you had a list, what would be on it?

Every once in a while, I think everyone needs a reminder: weight loss is not a cure-all.

And last but not least, simply because I finally (after a year!) played through the entire Mass Effect series start to finish:

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