I’m just a big ball of awesome lately, aren’t I? First the death cold from hell, and now insomnia. I’m drinking “sleepy tea” right now in hopes that I can go to sleep soon, but it’s definitely 2:30 in the morning right now so even if I get to sleep soon, I’ve missed my goal by about… 4 hours. Whoops! Sadly, the tea isn’t my usual bedtime tea (I ran out of Mother’s Little Helper yesterday and need to go out to get more tomorrow!).

I’ve been hit pretty hard with all the anxiety and stress, and took a week off from the world last week. I felt guilty, of course, but I think I needed it. Here’s hoping next week will be easier.

I’m starting up my links for Friday Favourites tonight, and hoping that I can get back to writing regularly. I just hate not having much more to say than “Hey guys, guess what? I’m depressed and sick again” so I find it easier to back away when I’m feeling really low.

In the meantime, share some links with me – what have you read in the last little while that you found to be absolutely amazing?

2 comments on “Insomniac”

  1. Sorry about your lack of sleep 🙁 I hope it doesn’t continue for long.

    Don’t feel guilty about taking time off; we all need a little ‘me’ time. Maybe the weather will improve this week so you can fit in a little sunshine?

    I haven’t had time for links ’round the internet lately but I have been loving the Young House Love blog. Makes me want to do all kinds of things to our house… girl can dream, right? Anyway, check it out if you like decorating, DIY stuff, crafts etc.

    • Oh, YHL is amazing! I wish I had space and funds to do half the stuff they do. It’s so inspiring, and I kinda wish I could just live in their house for a week.

      I wonder if that’s creepy?

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