Morning skies

It’s currently 4:30 in the morning, and I’m exhausted. My sleep has been all sorts of screwed up lately – I didn’t sleep at all two nights ago and I slept for twelve hours last night. I think I’m getting the dreaded summer cold that’s been going around here lately (thankfully, one of my birthday gifts from a dear friend of mine was some Cold 911 from David’s Tea, so I’ll be drinking that as my tea of choice for the next little while!

Speaking of my birthday, I’m now 28 years old! We had my annual celebratory pot luck and board gaming day (and night!) and it was so much fun. I look forward to it every year, and I think our friends do, too!

I also received some amazing gifts this year. My entire gift from Mark’s mom was elephant themed (yay!), which was super cute. She knows me well! In addition to the tea mentioned above, our friend Brianna gave me a candle and some bubble bath, both of which smell amazing. Mark gave me some DVDs (we’re currently working on our Marvel collection) and a Kindle, which has given me a whole new outlook on reading, despite my being on the fence about it at first. It’s amazing, and I’m finishing books so much more quickly! I’ve always been a reader, but I think it’s somehow more fun when I don’t have to worry about ruining the spine or bending the pages. I’ll still be collecting certain books in paperback, and Mark is not convinced of the idea of an e-reader for himself, but I think it’s wonderful for everything else.

On my actual birthday (we did the celebration the day after, since it was a Saturday), we had our friends Megan and Jason over with their beautiful baby girl, and they brought me an ice cream cake in the shape of a hamburger! The cake was hilarious, too – I had just introduced them to Cake Wrecks a few days prior, so when I took the lid off the cake, the inscription said “(In Bold Writing) Happy Birthday Angela”. We all had a great laugh over it, and I think my cake from them will be “wrecked” every year from now on!

They also gave me one of the most sentimental gifts I’ve ever received. It was a beautiful silver necklace with an engraved photo of their daughter (it’s less creepy than it sounds – it’s absolutely gorgeous!), and on the back, it said “I love my godmother”. The original didn’t technically say that – it was incorrectly engraved to say “I love my grandmother”, but they gave it to me so we could all have a good laugh about it, before taking it back to have it corrected. That said, the necklace wasn’t the only gift – the gift was asking me to be their little one’s godmother! Mark is now her godfather, too, and we’re so excited. I’m so glad to be such a special part of her life.

Aside from birthday excitement, I finished the Semester From Hell, and managed to pass all my classes. I knew there wasn’t much of a chance of my failing, but it was my roughest semester in every aspect of my life – academically, medically, and mentally – so there was always a risk. I’m taking spring courses now (Taxation and International Accounting) and am so relieved to have a bit of a “break”.

Speaking of breaks, Mark and I are considering a small (low-cost/low-budget) vacation this summer, since I finally have my drivers’ license renewed (a story for another day) and can rent a car to drive. We’re going to stay in the relative area, but we’re considering PEI since I loved it so much last time we were there, and we could stay with his grandmother again.

I’m not going to make a promise that I’ll write more, but I am hoping that I can bring myself to do so. The funny thing about depression (okay, not funny – more like frustrating) is that even when I have enough emotion or thoughts going through my head to want to talk about them (or write about them), I either don’t have the energy to do so, or I feel like nothing I could write would matter. I think I need to work through those feelings in time, but I consider my blog here like an old friend – I should be able to call on it whenever the mood is right, and it will be here for me.

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