Autumn Landscape

The first and final word on body image – this is something everyone should read, re-read, and take to heart.

Death in The Legend of Zelda – One of my favourite game series of all time, and I loved reading about the emotional content in the game. I feel like there are some games that are good for all ages, and this happens to be one of them.

A dear friend sent me this image about staying home because of depression and something in my head just clicked. I’ve written about my struggle before, at length, and the artist here managed to capture my exact feelings in just a few small panels. I think it’s a great read for everyone – depressed or not.

I’m a sucker for a good mini elephant. Or elephant learning about birds. Or elephant with a funny name. (Apologies for the unsourced images; I didn’t have original links for any of them.)

10 Iconic authors inspired by an animal muse was an interesting list. Animals are amazing creatures, but it’s nice to know about incredibly talented people who saw how amazing they really are as well.

Autumn is my favourite season – I adore when the leaves change.

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