Elephant at sunset on safari

One of the side effects of the kind of depression that I feel is loneliness and isolation – almost all of the time, even when I’m surrounded by people who I care about. This post with suggestions for things to do when you’re lonely is amazing. I’m going to have to print the list out and carry it with me, I think!

I know the perfect friend with whom to have an ingredient potluck dinner – now I just have to set up the date! I think this is a great idea, and love the idea of getting brand new recipes from experiments like this.

This post is both an amazing reminder and a possible revolution-starter, depending on what side of the fence you’re on at the beginning. I think it’s a healthier way of thinking than thinking of food as “the enemy” and gives some great perspective!

There’s a long-standing joke with me and a few of my friends: cats hate World of Warcraft. (It all started when a cat of mine jumped up on my keyboard, ran me straight into a boss monster, and got my entire group killed. She was promptly named Mew Mew the Raid-Killer.) This comic proves otherwise, but is absolutely adorable!

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