Have you noticed that the really personal blogs have all but fallen off the face of the earth? Maybe not completely – I can think of a few that still exist, though those are usually filled with “it’s been a long time, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while” posts and sponsored posts between the actual posts.

This is a fact that makes me ridiculously sad. I liked the community that came with blogging when I started. From livejournal friends and communities, to message boards, to button exchanges. It was a social hobby.

Now it feels like the “this is what I did today” and “this is how I feel today” posts have morphed into SEO-driven “top X” lists and niche markets. I think that’s why it feels lately like I’m blogging into a void.

I’m considering bringing back a more personal edge to the blog here. This is my online home; why not make it more personal?

2 comments on “Personal Blogs”

  1. Yes! I completely agree! Usually when I read a blog any more I feel like I’m being sold something, and I really miss finding out about the people behind the blog. I know LJ is behind the times, but for the most part it’s free and clear of commercial blogging (on my f-list it is anyway). It’s one of the main reasons I’ve stayed at LJ all these years.

    Twitter has also been bad for that… it’s almost all ads. watch my show! Read my blog! Look a new blog post! Look, another link to that same blog post!

    So annoying..

    • Ugh. It’s so irritating. It’s not as bad as it was a couple years ago when you would get super involved in a blog post, feel bad for the person, and then realize they were just using it to set up a sales pitch. However, these days it’s more like “hey look, I’m awesome at X, buy my $40 e-book and you can be awesome too!”. I’m all for awesome people being awesome, but I miss people being ordinary people, too. I miss lj, but at the same time I was never really connected with too many people – and most of the ones I was connected with (you aside, of course!) have migrated away. Behind the times or not, those were nice times. 🙂

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