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  1. This morning I decided that Mark has to start monitoring me taking my pills every day, or I need to get a pill organizer. I spent a good half hour running around the kitchen and living room trying to find my pills because I couldn’t remember taking them and I was convinced that the cats would find them before I did. Turns out I took them. Le sigh.
  2. My French is starting to come along, but I still feel like I don’t know anything. It’s hard to be in a country that is bilingual and not know the second language! I mean, knowing how to say “I don’t like to study Management” is useful when talking to friends in the commerce program with me, but not so much if I were to ever visit somewhere that only spoke French.
  3. I just spent nearly two hours with headphones in – and no sound coming out of them. I meant to put on some music to entertain myself while Mark worked, or even a movie, but then I forgot.
  4. I’m trying to level my fourth character to level 90 in World of Warcraft using battle pets. This can be done – I know someone who did it – but it’s a bit on the tedious and slow side. She’s level 86 already though so really I’m only trying to level her four levels using battle pets. Either way, it’s an interesting alternative to paying attention to combat or quests. It’s a change of pace!
  5. Some of the most-played games in our house were bought for less than $5. The first one of these finds was E.T., which I got off ebay for about $1.50 (it now goes for about $30 so I guess I was super lucky!) and now we’ve picked up Chairs which was apparently a huge hit over the weekend with some of our friends. Don’t be fooled by the relatively low ratings; the games are super fun and quick which is good when some of our other games take hours to play.
  6. I’m looking forward to having this semester over with. I’ve got four group projects this semester (well, one of them is a group final exam) which means trying to keep 12 people organized; not an easy task when they don’t like to reply to emails or show up when they’re supposed to. I’m hoping next semester will be lighter on the group work and actually get to reflect my own attempts at the course!
  7. Speaking of next semester, I need to mail away an appeal to the student loans department, because they’ve decided that I’ve basically gone beyond the required number of years for my degree. Ironic, given that I’m in year 4 of a four-year degree. I am really stressed out about this though; what if they don’t pay? I can’t graduate if I don’t pay for my courses, and then I won’t be able to get a job. It’s easy to see how thoughts in a naturally anxious person could spiral from there.
  8. I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible lately, with the exception of some treats when I am socializing. The fact that I’m supposed to eat so often means that I need to be careful about what I eat – if I’m eating nothing but junk every hour, I’m going to turn into the Goodyear blimp before I know it! So I’m hooked on things like fruits and veggies and almonds, and they’re working out pretty well.
  9. Despite an iron supplement, I’m still tired all the time. Also despite the painkillers I’m on, I’m having crazy hip and back pain lately. I’m dying to know what the results of my ultrasound are, but I have to wait until I have an appointment with the specialist again to find out – the ultrasound tech wasn’t allowed to tell me anything. Well, except for the fact that my uterus is tilted backward instead of forward. (This in itself tells me something at least – it wasn’t tilted years ago when I had the other ultrasound, so something has happened in the meantime to shift it elsewhere.)
  10. I am absolutely addicted to reading these days – not textbooks, but reading for pleasure. My initial goal felt lofty at a whopping 12 books for the year (I was hoping I could squeak out one per month.) – turns out I should have shot a bit higher…
  11. 2013 Reading Challenge

    2013 Reading Challenge
    Angela has
    read 63 books toward her goal of 75 books.

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