Dream Catchers

Now that my ridiculous insomnia has mostly passed (thanks in part to a change in medication that makes me drowsy enough to sleep at night) I’m dreaming again. For a while, I would be absurdly jealous whenever I heard someone talk about dreams, or even when I would see people peacefully sleeping on TV. Now that I’m sleeping and dreaming, I’m finding that my dreams are almost more vivid than ever.

Sometimes I’m in dire need of help in my dreams – maybe I’m lost or I’m being chased or in immediate danger – but most of the time, my dreams seem to be reflections of things that are going on in my waking life. I don’t mean in the “get out your dream book and interpret things” way, but rather in the “hey, that’s exactly what happened today” way. It’s almost like I get to re-live the day’s events, but in a different setting.

That’s the weird thing about dreams – they always (for me, at least) end up in a different place than where the situation actually occurred, or with different people. They definitely have a more convoluted outcome because my brain twists itself into knots just trying to fill in context for why I’m in a strange location or why I’m doing things the way I am.

Even with the intense, vivid, lasting dreams that I have, I wouldn’t trade it for not remembering my dreams in a million years. Do you remember your dreams?

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